Magen David Academy
judaic life
Judaic Life
Magen David Academy is an educational institution that prides itself on Jewish and secular academic excellence. Children from the Shevet Ahim and Beth El communities attend MDA and are provided with an Orthodox Zionist education.

The school day starts out with morning prayer, or shajarit. Students of all ages begin their day by praying to prepare them for their studies and day-to-day situations. Through various Judaic studies classes, they will gain a broad knowledge of Jewish history, religion, and the sacred Hebrew language. They will also learn the importance of the Jewish culture and how to succeed in the Jewish and global communities with a clear sense of identity and belonging.

MDA’s goal is not only for students to successfully conclude their studies, but also continue in the lifelong pursuit of Jewish knowledge, study, and experience.
Kosher Policy
All food at MDA is made or served according to Kosher standards. To help maintain these high standards, the school does not allow students to bring food on campus, but rather provides them with a snack and nutritious lunch. This also allows the school to accommodate students with food allergies.